SOL-“Wait for Accumulation Phase”

1-Day Analysis:

Big Picture: Sol broke through all macro support levels and plummeted sharply. It has now taken trendline support, but given the current conditions, this support is also shaky. However, in order to have a bull market, there must first be a bear market. Around the next days, Sol is expected to give generational buying opportunities in the 20-15$ range once more.

On Upside the initial resistance is at 50, followed by 58. These are going to be difficult levels for Sol to overcome. However, if recaptured, the upside might extend to 61 and 63.50 in the near future. On the Downside the trendline provides early support at 37.50. This support is expected to restrict intra-day dips, but it won’t be able to maintain the price for long, so the logical and much stronger support is around 20, followed by the 15 level