SOL-“Volatility Expected”

2-Hour Analysis:

Big Picture: Solana’s recent sessions have gone quite well. In these sessions, price found considerable momentum and went on to reach higher levels. However, it has now slowed after testing the indicated supply level. Solana may now be experiencing intra-day profit-taking before continuing to rise. Buyers, on the other hand, will need to keep it above the major supports in order to keep the momentum going.

On the Upside a substantial rise was observed once the price breached the 14.05 mark. However, for the session, initial resistance is still at 14.40, followed by 14.95 to 15.25. For the past 30 trading sessions, this region has been a strong resistance. This level is expected to remain a significant barrier for Solana to overcome.

On the Downside The 14.05 to 13.95 range is about to be tested. If Solana responds positively to this location, another upsurge is possible. If this region fails to provide support, the price will retest the trendline-based supports. These supports will also need to be held in order to keep the momentum moving upward.