SOL-“Short-Term Resistances Ahead”

1-Day Analysis:

Big Picture: After a decent push higher price is currently consolidating below the resistance level. As long as sellers are kept away from taking charge back, the consolidation remains healthy. However, for bulls to re-spark the momentum and aggression, a clean breakout above 25.50 needs to be seen. Otherwise price could see some increased volatility between the range.

On the Upside Price is currently sustaining below the resistance level after a nice run upward. As long as sellers are prevented from taking strength back, consolidation will continue to be good. However, for bulls to regain momentum and aggressiveness, a clear breakthrough over 25.50 is required. Otherwise, price may see increased volatility within the range.

On the Downside Solana has had solid support from 24.20 to 24.00 levels so far. These levels were highlighted as critical support levels for Solana since maintaining them will prevent any further pullbacks. Price has successfully limited its decline until now. However, if Solana fails to break over the intraday resistance levels, this support region is vulnerable to breach. If this occurs, the price is projected to fall back towards the EMA supports.