SOL-“Mid-Range Key”

4-Hour Analysis:

Big Picture: Solana is maintaining its current momentum and aiming to achieve acceptance above the mid-range in order to move higher. On the contrary, if buyers fail to capitalize on present strength and acquire strength above the mid-level, this strength could fade and lead to lower supports retests again.

On the Upside a fresh level of resistance has been added at 22.90, followed by the mid-range level of 23.40. The mid-range level is still crucial to reach in order to enhance Solana’s upside potential. Above 23.40, strength develops to higher levels, initially towards 24.25 and 25.00. Also, it expands the range between 23.40 and 26.55 levels, which is the high range.

On the Downside despite a single outlier, the intra-day support range of 22.15 to 21.90 has held exceptionally well and has resisted any selling pressure. The longer this support level holds, the more likely it is that another significant push to the upside will occur. Whereas if this support region is breached, Solana will fall into the 21.30 to 21.20 range, where another supporting region exists.