SOL-“Lower Supports in Sight”

1-Day Analysis:

Big Picture: The breakout-based supports have reacted strongly for Sol. Going forward, it is likely to test the resistance at 77-80. If it is rejected at that level, Sol will most likely fluctuate between 55 and 80 over the next several sessions.

On Upside the first level of resistance is at 72-73.40, followed by 75.50. Following that, we have the 77-80 zone, which has recently served as a significant support but is now likely to serve as a critical resistance level. This level will most likely determine Sol’s next path of action.

On the Downside there are many minor supports between 68.50 and 67.50. If Sol can maintain this level, another relief pump aiming 73.50-75 might be expected, followed by higher levels. If this support is breached, we will most likely return to the 65-58 region.