SOL-“Expect Choppy Price Action”

4-Hour Analysis:

Big Picture: Sol was able to evoke a significant reaction from the supporter. It has once again managed to reclaim the $100 threshold. Multiple roadblocks have been seen between 101 and 105. Sol is predicted to gradually overcome these obstacles. Around these levels, expect volatility and turbulence. Once Sol begins to persist over 105, a sustainable momentum is likely to emerge.

On Upside at 101.80, EMA-50 provides early resistance. This isn’t the only form of opposition in the area. Between 101.80 to 105, SOL is going to have a tough time. A break above these levels will allow for more momentum to build, pushing Sol higher.

On the Downside the new support levels are 100-98.80. These levels are most likely to provide excellent intraday support. However, losing them will push SOL back into the demand zone. Price should not re-test this demand zone numerous times in a row, as this weakens the support.