SOL-“Bull-Flag Shaped Structure”

12-Hour Analysis:

Big Picture: Solana once again looked promising in yesterday’s session. Furthermore, there was increased momentum and volume flows, allowing the pair to maintain its gains from yesterday. Moving forward, Solana is seeking to break over the RSI barrier of 70. If bulls can complete this test successfully, Solana may become even more bullish in the next hours and days.

On the Upside the important S/R level for today’s session is 144.95 level. The Bulls are presently dominating over this level, which is a significant advancement. Continued performance over this level enables the upside to climb higher towards reaching the 152 and 158 levels next. Meanwhile, over 144.95, there is some intraday resistance at 148 as well.

On the Downside following yesterday’s session, a handful of supports have been positioned. The session’s primary supports are currently at 140.20 and 138.50. Furthermore, if the 144.95 level is effectively converted into a support, it would be a significant development for Solana, since it will keep the current momentum strong.