ETH – Expect Rangebound Day

Big Picture: Breach of Mid-Point acted as a spark towards massive sell-off. However the sell-off could still continue towards Range Bottom. In-order to negate this scenario 3000 level needs to be reclaimed, till then any pull-up will be an opportunity to “Short”.

On Upside ETH since yesterday is getting capped at 2520-2550 level. A break above this level would open doors for test of major resistance around 2650. Reaction could be expected here as support buyers are likely to book partial profits here. Keeping that in view if we start to sustain above this level then 3k could be seen in blink of an eye.

On Downside 2150 acted as a strong support which is likely to do the same if tested again. Break of this supports puts 3080 as intra-day support in action. This level could act as bottom for the day. However if this level is lost then hyper selling towards 1960 and even 1730 could be seen.