Crypto News Headlines (14-Apr-2023)

The options market tied to ether (ETH) has seen more activity than bitcoin (BTC) in the past 24 hours, the first such instance of 2023.

Major exchanges, including industry leader Deribit, have seen ether options contracts worth $1.23 billion exchange hands in the past 24 hours. That is nearly 60% of the global crypto options activity and 50% more than bitcoin’s notional trading volume of $823.7 million, according to Swiss-based data tracking website Laevitas.

Options are derivative contracts that give the purchaser the right but not the obligation to buy the underlying asset at a predetermined price on or before a specific date. A call option gives the right to buy while a put option confers the right to sell. Traders use call and put options to hedge their spot/futures market exposure and to acquire an asymmetric payout.

After a two year break, OpenBazaar, the decentralized marketplace platform, is on its way back to life, according to some vague tweets from its official account.

The digital marketplace—where users sold goods from homemade candles to medicine—had shuttered in late 2020 due to dried up funding. After initially announcing its closure, the marketplace was temporarily rescued by an anonymous donor—but it ultimately wasn’t enough to keep OpenBazaar open for business.

OpenBazaar CEO Brian Hoffman confirmed in a message to Decrypt that he is rebuilding the marketplace, though he declined to add any further detail. The OpenBazaar website has been updated to say “openbazaar 3.0 – coming soon.”

Israel-headquartered investment firm Etoro took to Twitter on Thursday to announce its new deal with the social media platform that will offer market charts on various assets and give you the option to buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Twitter’s ‘$Cashtags’ feature, which was launched December 2022, already provides real-time data on some index funds and shares. Thanks to the new partnership, however, users will have information about an expanded range of financial instruments, Etoro told CNBC.

To access the data, they need to search for a ticker symbol and insert the dollar sign in front of it, prompting the app to display price information from Tradingview, which is the market data provider. A newly added ‘view on Etoro’ button allows them to trade the assets through its website.

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) announced on Thursday a newly forged partnership with the digital asset derivatives exchange Global Futures and Options (GFO-X) to debut Bitcoin options and futures trading features.

The update comes after UK’s HM Treasury declared plans earlier this year to issue financial regulations to guide the adoption of cryptocurrencies within the country.

LSEG and GFO-X to Offer Bitcoin Index Derivatives Trading

The newly revealed plan will be “Britain’s first regulated trading and clearing in bitcoin index futures and options derivatives, according to Reuters coverage.

LSEG will designate a new unit called DigitalAssetClear under its French clearing subsidiary to enable cash-settled transactions conducted on GFO-X. Bitcoin options and futures trading features are slated to be rolled out in this year’s final quarter after undergoing approval from French and European authorities.

A federal magistrate judge has signed an order requiring BitBoy Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong to appear in Florida as part of a status conference related to a lawsuit involving several crypto influencers.

In an April 12 filing in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Judge Melissa Damian ordered Armstrong and his counsel to appear on April 20 along with the legal team representing the influencers. According to the order, the conference was aimed at bringing awareness of “Armstrong’s harassment towards plaintiffs’ counsel.”

Armstrong, along with several other YouTubers, were named in a $1-billion lawsuit filed on March 15 for allegedly promoting “FTX crypto fraud without disclosing compensation.” Adam Moskowitz, representing plaintiff Edwin Garrison and others in the class-action lawsuit, has claimed that Armstrong harassed the legal team with “endless phone calls, tweets and emails,” voicemails “full of vulgarities,” and social media posts suggesting threats.

Rook DAO is dead. But its riches are alive – and available to be claimed by ROOK token holders for the next 90 days.

The former governance token has become a ticket to redeem around $25 million of the treasury that once belonged to Rook DAO, the defunct governing body whose members now run a new entity that only exists to liquidate the cash.

Incubator DAO, the new entity, is being run by activist investors who once bristled at Rook Labs’ perceived slights and demanded they return value to token holders. Rook Labs, the builders of Rook’s MEV technology and de facto operators of the project, ultimately obliged. They cut a deal that divorced ROOK, the token from Rook the project, by effectively buying out token holders’ governing rights for around 60% of the treasury.

Ethereum (ETH) is leading the charge in the crypto markets on Friday, as the price of the second largest cryptocurrency jumped 7% over the past day.

After climbing to an eleven-month high of $2,123.35, ETH is trading hands at $2,111, according to data from CoinGecko.


Ethereum developers successfully completed the long-awaited Shanghai hard fork on Wednesday, opening the doors to withdrawing the funds previously staked by the network’s participants.

While some experts agreed that enabling staked ETH withdrawals would hardly lead to significant sell pressure, few anticipated a sharp increase in price either.

Rashawn Russell, a 27-year-old investment banker and registered broker from Brooklyn, New York, was arrested on April 10 on criminal charges related to his alleged role in running a crypto investment fraud scheme, the U.S. Department of Justice announced on Tuesday.

Prosecutors claim that Russel defrauded multiple investors, luring them with promises of big and even guaranteed returns from cryptocurrency investment and trading. However, he used their money for his own benefit, to gamble and to repay other investors in order to keep the scheme going.

The indictment alleges that the accused repeatedly failed to provide investors with the promised rates of return. And when some of them requested to be repa

Bitcoin (BTC) price maintained the $30,000 support as lower-than-expected U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released on April 12. The official inflation rate for March increased 5% year on year, which was slightly less than the 5.1% consensus. It was the lowest reading since May 2021, but is still significantly higher than the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

The data suggests that inflation is no longer the driving force behind Bitcoin’s rally and Investors’ focus shifted from the impact of inflationary pressure to potential recession risks after the banking crisis revealed how fragile the financial system was following the Federal Reserve’s twelve-month hike in interest rates from 0.10% to 4.85%.

Aside from the Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy and the government-backed sale of Credit Suisse to UBS, several warning signs of a macroeconomic downturn have emerged.

Hardware wallet provider Ledger has raised 100 million euros ($109 million) in a Series C God save our gracious coin, and long live the coin. A team of entrepreneurs, environmentalists and Bitcoin BTC $30,813 advocates have assembled to back Bitcoin in Britain.

Bitcoin Policy UK (BPUK) unites stakeholders, policymakers, environmentalists, tax specialists, Bitcoin experts and miners to “unlock the potential of Bitcoin” in Britain and explore how the decentralized currency’s burgeoning industry could benefit U.K. households, businesses and communities.

BPUK’s primary objectives are to drive investment, generate and prepare students for the Bitcoin jobs of the future, raise awareness and education, and explore the use of wasted and stranded energy resources for Bitcoin mining.