Crypto News Dec 10, 2021

News Headlines (December 10, 2021)

  1.  Ethereum developer sounds off on NFTs, metaverse and ‘dystopian’ Facebook

An NFT is a certificate of authenticity that shows proof of ownership for anything digital. The tokens are being assigned to one of a kind digital art and now music. The explosive growth of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which took off this year in large part because of the growing popularity of Ethereum blockchain technology, is something that surprised the digital coin’s (ETH-USD) ex-core developer. Aside from applications that are creating new revenue streams for the music, movie, sports, art and gaming industry, Lane Rettig sees the next installation of NFTs being more of a utility.

Palm NFT, co-founded by Joseph Lubin, offers services for artists to establish NFT marketplaces. Lubin was also one of the co-founders of ethereum, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Crypto startup Palm NFT Studio said on Thursday it had raised $27 million in an early-stage funding round led by Microsoft Corp’s venture fund M12 with participation from venture firm Griffin Gaming Partners. Other investors in latest Series B round included investment firms RRE, Third Kind Venture Capital, NFT investor Sfermion, and The LAO.

The carbonated soft drink manufacturer Pepsi has revealed the company is stepping into the world of blockchain with its first collection of non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Pepsi-Cola is a well-known soft drink manufacturer that was created and developed back in 1893 by Caleb Bradham. When the soft drink first came out it was called “Brad’s Drink,” but was rebranded to Pepsi-Cola in 1898. Pepsi introduced the “Pepsi Mic Drop” genesis NFT collection on Thursday, which features 1,893 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bound in sky blue cloth and marked with the number 5, the manuscript had lain dormant in a private collection for almost half a century. To execute his vision, Jodorowsky assembled a phalanx of celebrated artists, visual effects experts, illustrators, and designers. To sell the idea to Hollywood studios, Jodorowsky’s producers printed 20 luxurious volumes detailing the screenplay, illustrations, and designs in what he referred to as a “director’s bible.”

Luno Malaysia aims to add a number of cryptocurrencies or coins to its digital asset exchange (DAX) in 2022, according to its country manager, Aaron Tang (pix). “By adding more and more coins in Malaysia, we hope we can grow the ecosystem in a safe and responsible manner,” Tang told the media at Luno’s year-in-review and outlook briefing yesterday. He believes the expansion of the coins offered on the platform will be a key driver for local users, as access to certain coins has been its clients’ number one request.

This week, longtime Lyft CFO Brian Roberts, who took the company public in 2019 at a value of US$24.3 billion, announced that he’s moving to NFT marketplace OpenSea to become their new CFO. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is getting in on the act too, joining smart-contract solutions provider Chainlink Labs as a strategic advisor. Chainlink says it currently has more than US$80 billion worth of value locked in smart contracts and applications built on blockchains. Schmidt brings an estimated net worth of US$23.6 billion to the virtual table.

DOGE was the second-most mentioned coin on Twitter at press time.It attracted 5,791 tweets, while the most mentioned coin, Bitcoin, attracted 7,462 tweets, as per Cointrendz data. DOGE rose 1.01% against the apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin and fell 1.52% against Ethereum, the second-largest coin by market cap. The 24-hour DOGE trading volumes fell 1.97% to $954.64 million at press time, as per CoinMarketCap data. Cryptocurrency markets are still correlated with equity markets as Omicron fears remain intact in the background, said Marcus Sotiriou, an analyst at the United Kingdom-based digital asset broker GlobalBlock.

On July, 7, 2021, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced an unprecedented long-term partnership with, one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world. Worth $175 million over 10 years, the deal also led to the creation of a new sponsorship category for the world’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, with receiving the designation of the UFC’s first “official cryptocurrency platform partner.” The deal elevated to the UFC’s first-ever “global official fight kit partner,” which allowed the crypto platform to emblazon their branding on UFC fight kits worn by fighters and their corner people during competition.

Polygon (MATIC) is one of the biggest gainers as the crypto market continues to recover from the weekend flash-crash. Polygon’s network scalability and functionality have earned it a position up the crypto hierarchy in 2021. The Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution has made headlines for setting new highs while the rest of the market is yet to choose a direction. From its $1.73 low on December 6, MATIC has gained more than 45% to push its price as high as $2.57. The strong performance of MATIC has brought it within touching distance of its May 18 all-time high of $2.68.

  1.  IOST’s Highly-Anticipated Sumo-Themed DeFi Token $ZUNA Set to Launch December 10th

Built on the IOST Network for its efficiency, ultra-fast speed, and practically zero transaction costs, Yokozuna Finance will allow users to guide the journey of a young rikishi (sumo wrestler) in hopes of becoming a Yokozuna or Grand Champion. IOST-powered DeFi Protocol Yokozuna Finance is warming up to claim the title in the IOST’s dApp ecosystem. The sumo-themed gamified DeFi and NFT project has already created a buzz among the IOST and DeFi community and aims to climb the ranks with its official launch on 10th December.