Crypto Headlines for Nov 12, 2021


Cryptocurrencies came to existence in 2009 when bitcoin made its debut as the first decentralized and blockchain-based investment model. Over the past few weeks, cryptocurrency prices have been reaching record highs as more and more investors infused money into it. Investing in digital tokens at the right time is all it takes for you to become the so-called ‘cryptocurrency millionaire.’ However, it is not easy as it sounds. Bitcoin investments could be tempting, but keep in mind that it is extremely volatile and could pull your leg at any time. 

Twitter is launching a new team focused on cryptocurrency, blockchains and other decentralized technologies. The team, dubbed Twitter Crypto, will serve as a “center of excellence” for all things blockchain at the social media giant and will be “setting the strategy for the future of crypto at and on Twitter.” Bitcoin was trading 2.9% lower Thursday morning.That puts it around $64,700, which is down from its all-time high of $68,950, per coin hit on Wednesday after October’s 6.2% surge, annually, in consumer prices. Rival Ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, is trading around $4,660, down from a high of $4,825. Both have more than doubled since June.

Kokoswap, a little known cryptocurrency, has surged from $0.01005 to $7.22 in just 24 hours on November 10, surging by a massive 71,000%, data from Coinmarketcap showed. KokoSwap is a unique decentralised platform that combines NFT trades with blockchain gaming to offer a seamless experience to the users. It is powered by the $KOKO token. On November 8, Kokoswap fell from $6.00 to $0.01017, falling nearly 60,000%. Cryptocurrency craze among investors is growing day by day as more and more individuals become aware of its reliability and sustenance.

Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter bio is literally just “#bitcoin,” it’s not surprising that Twitter is interested in cryptocurrency and other decentralized technologies. To start, this team will explore crypto payments (Bitcoin tips, crypto payments for Ticketed Spaces), opportunities for creator monetization (NFT tooling) and decentralizing social media (part of the general movement toward Web3). Twitter said that it’s formally launching a crypto team, which will aim to be “a center of excellence for all things blockchain and web3,” the company told TechCrunch. 

A tweet by the CEO and founder of Discord, Jason Citron, has users speculating that the popular community chat app may soon roll out features related to crypto and NFTs. More than just a messaging app, Discord has become the center of communications for gamers and interest groups of many types, including some related to NFTs. If it did integrate crypto wallets such as MetaMask and WalletConnect into the platform, it could become a new center for NFT galleries and position itself nicely in a web3 decentralized internet.

A Pokémon petition asks Nintendo to use a cryptocurrency called Pikachu Inu in a proposed Pokémon NFT game, and it doesn’t exactly sound like something the notoriously traditional Japanese company will go for. Christopher Parker started a petition for Nintendo to capitalize on this emerging trend by developing a Pokémon NFT video game. Parker wants Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. to work with the creators of Charizard Inu, Blastoise Inu, Pikachu Inu, and Mewtwo Inu coins on the undetailed game. The Pokémon game petition was posted about two weeks ago and has 64 signatures, with one commenter having expressed support for the idea.

In an online interview hosted by New York Times, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated that he already possesses some cryptocurrencies. Tim Cook’s interest in cryptocurrency has been developing for a long period and owning digital assets seems obvious. While acknowledging himself as a cryptocurrency investor, Tim Cook remains cautious, saying it is a personal decision. In response to the host’s questions about whether Tim Cook owns Bitcoin or Ethereum, the CEO didn’t reveal the specific currencies that he owns. He said he has been interested in the space for a while and also has done research into cryptocurrencies. 

On November 10, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and the Rarible protocol announced an integration with the Flow blockchain. The announcement details that Rarible users can now create, list, and trade Flow-based NFTs on the marketplace. Rarible’s announcement explains that Flow-based NFT users will see “extremely low gas fees and a swift user experience.” For instance, data shows on Thursday, November 11, ethereum (ETH) network fees are 0.012 ether per transaction or $57.98. Rarible’s announcement notes that Flow’s network fees are around $0.0001 per transfer. The NFT market and the Rarible protocol have revealed the support of the Dapper Labs crafted blockchain network Flow.

Metaverse is a term we’re hearing more and more these days, not least since Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta and transitioning into “a metaverse company.” The term metaverse is a portmanteau of meta (meaning beyond) and the universe, and intrepid technologists are busy fleshing out just what this burgeoning collective space will look like; and how we will navigate it. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, DigiNation is an all-encompassing ecosystem that comprises an extensive virtual environment, playable characters (represented by DigiAvatar NFTs), a 3D design studio called DigiMaker, a web gallery named NFT Live, and an OpenSea-esque integrated marketplace known as DigiMarket. 

  1.   CODI Presents the Beginning of IDO While the Private Sale Ends on November 14th

CODI is a new DEX exchange based on the Solana network that aims to revolutionize transactions, the fastest cryptocurrency exchange. CODI a fully decentralized exchange powered by Solana Blockchain’s high-speed, low-latency, and low-cost layer 1. It improves the user experience in cryptocurrency trading by utilizing a user-friendly interface as well as a diversified range of features. The CODI exchange has taken note of Solana’s answers to the issues of high transaction fees and slow speeds in the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks, and will put them into practice. CODI wants to position itself as the preferred Crypto exchange by exceeding industry standards and bringing integrity and customer-centricity with a fresh creative approach.