SOL-“Trend Indecision Persistent”

4-Hour Analysis:

Big Picture: Solana’s price action and momentum gauge are now in sync as the price maintains its slow pace and sideways movement. Solana has been consistently touching the support zone, while the RSI metrics have been struggling against channel resistance. In the coming sessions, price will either need to break through the channel resistances to see a fresh momentum, or profit-taking pressure will cause another short-term decline.

On the Upside the resistance levels of 97.70 and 98.50 continue to be effective. Price is still under opposition from these the primary levels. Any short-term strength over these levels drives the upside back into the 102 to 103 levels, which are another important S/R key for Solana.

On the Downside 95.50 maintains a strong support level as well as a potential lower-time frame demand zone. As long as this zone can hold, the upward prospects remain likelier, however if this support falls apart, the decline could possibly once again expose the 93.70 and 91.20 levels.